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Our vision is to impart concept based education and not rote learning. Apart from the regular academics, we aim to make the students better prepared for the world outside and in their day to day life by way of life skills development.

We aim to empower our students to be compassionate, responsive to our glorious culture and heritage, academically excelling, holistic individuals who can usher their responsibilities as the global citizens.

We want to blend traditional methods with modern systems of learning to ensure excellence, along with providing a strong base in ethics, because it is our belief that when excellence meets ethics, the student’s mind goes beyond facts and standardized tests.


The school may not have much of history - but has the proficiency and the vision for a great future. The motto "Hardwork and Determination" is a true reflection of the society and the spirit they instill in children. At PRG hard work is a part of the natural course of things.

At PRG World School, we are committed to transform the unique ability of every child into his strength. With our holistic approach, which alone can ignite minds of individuals coupled with comprehensive guidance. We strongly feel that these students who are tomorrow’s future will nurture into responsible and self-disciplined leaders who are mindful and will meet the challenges of the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

We are determined to create an atmosphere where values are considered as achievement.

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