Our Mission and Vision

Our vision

PRG's journey began in 2015 in an eco-green school which is well-planned and well-equipped in providing all needed facilities in academics as well as sports and co-curricular arena with a carefully planned curriculum that paved the way to nurture and mold the children into a responsible citizens, respectful and aware youth of the country.

PRG World School is based on the mantra of 'Every child is unique .' At PRG, we believe not only to give children wings but to ensure that they develop strong roots too. This encourages children to grow holistically. We try to create a place where hard work is recognized and rewarded, an environment where the mind can stay free of constraints, an atmosphere that encourages adaptability, responsibility and leadership. In a way, PRG World School ushers the child into a world of possibilities where their personalities blossom.

'Beginners' is the pre-primary wing of PRG World School.

At Beginners we ensure to provide them opportunity to open their wings under utmost care and concern in most creative and innovative manner. From working on the development of the motor skills and fine skills to the incorporation of good habits, mannerism, physical exercise, nurturing of inquisitive minds, problem solving approach are been taken care under the guidance of expert teaching faculty.


We encompass a broad range of objectives, including teaching the discipline and skills necessary for effective learning. It also emphasizes awakening students' interest in natural phenomena and cultivating manual dexterity.

We provide a strong foundation in Indian philosophy, literature, music, and art. By doing so, students can develop a well-rounded understanding of their cultural heritage and the world around them.

We highlight the importance of teaching students to work together, fostering a spirit of cooperation, interdependence, and brotherhood. By emphasizing these values, students develop the skills necessary to navigate the challenges of life with intelligence and fortitude, promoting a harmonious and inclusive community.