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curriculum.jpgThe best way to bring up children is by letting them be themselves. PRG World School ‘Beginners’ gives opportunity to children to play, run around and enjoy their childhood by providing the colourful, child friendly, spacious environment. Gross and fine motor skills are developed through special aids and tools.


The IQ of a child just doesn't depend on the genes alone, but the opportunities he/she gets to use his mind. Children are given opportunities to learn how to be analytical so that they can successfully deal with life situations. Special emphasis is laid on skills like development of senses, puzzle and tower making, problem solving, etc. 


What good is knowledge that cannot be expressed! Novel rhymes, innovative ways of storytelling, picture reading, gripping dramatization, opportunities and encouragement for free and structured conversation enhance the communication and presentation skills of our children.


The most important ingredient in the recipe of success is the ability to get along with people and the society. PRG World School provides the right kind of peer group which forms the learning ground for the child about right behaviour, friendship, sharing.

Confidence, leadership quality, sense of independence, care towards environment, society and respect for traditional values is instilled through celebration of events, stage exposure, nature walks and role plays, and many other ways.


Each child has inborn creativity. All we need to do is give them encouragement and opportunities. We, at PRG World School provide children with a stimulating environment where they can discover their talents like dancing, art and craft, music, clay moulding etc.

Individual and group activities, outdoor and indoor activities, active and quiet activities, free and structured / guided activities and activities to foster all aspects of development are planned each day so as to reflect a balance of activities. To make the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment, is the aim at Beginners(Unit of PRG World school) and blossom the child’s personality.

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