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Beginners, A unit of PRG World School creates a child–sized world, incorporating the outside in an attractive yet seamless way, so that children can easily understand it, and choose their own journey through it.

The environment respects and protects the child's rhythm of life. The child develops concentration, self-discipline, independence, respect for others and his environment – skills that will serve him for a lifetime.

Carefully–designed materials and activities stimulate independent exploration.
The child progresses at his own pace within an individualised learning framework, moving from simple activities to more complex ones. He strives to achieve perfection. Through this process his curiosity is satisfied and he begins to experience the explosive thrill of discovering the world around him.

Children of all ages and abilities contribute to this environment. They may choose to work together or individually. Each child is allowed to work freely, choosing an activity that interests him, as long as he does not disturb the others. The encouragement of independent activity leads to real independence of mind and action. This social environment, requiring an active regard for others, develops the child’s social skills.

The adult’s role is to assist the child in his development. The child is presented with the method of performing the activity and allowed to progress at his own pace.

The Montessori Method identifies certain periods in a child's development when he shows an unusual interest in acquiring a particular skill. At no other time in his life will he be able to tackle this learning with such persistence, energy, independence and intelligence. It is during the Sensitive Period for language that the child learns to talk. At certain other times he will show an equivalent passion for order, for precise movement, for acquiring words and numbers and more.

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

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